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Close to 1000 people performed at this summer's successful festival

More than 35 thousand guests attended the events at Reykjavik Arts Festival this summer in spite of an unusually rainy June. The events took place at 48 different venues around the city and beyond. 


  • 183 events in 18 days
  • 48 venues, including 11 venues outdoors
  • 50 free events
  • More than 35 thousand guests
  • Close to 1000 people took part in the festival
  • Artists from 22 countries
  • Ticket buyers from 28 countries
  • Preparations for Reykjavík Arts Festival 50th anniversary have started 



The annual meeting of Reykjavik Arts Festival Board of Representatives was held last Tuesday. The board is chaired by the Mayor of Reykjavik and the Minister of Culture and Education.

In the meeting some main facts and figures from this years festival were presented and it is safe to say the outcome looks extremely positive both in terms of attendance, ticket sales and the general outcome.

Reykjavik Arts Festival is biennial so the next festival will be held in 2020, which also marks the festivals 50th anniversary.

New Board

Reykjavík Arts Festival's new board was presented at the meeting. The board is represented by Þórunn Sigurðardóttir, Chairman, appointed by the Minister of Education, Science and Culture, Margrét Norðdahl, Vice-Chairman, appointed by the Mayor of Reykjavík and Tryggvi M. Baldvinsson, Board Member, elected by the Board of Representatives

Reykjavík Arts Festival's 50th Anniversary in 2020

The next edition of Reykjavík Arts Festival will be in June 2020 when the festival celebrates it's 50th anniversary. Preparations for the festival are well on their way.


Photographs by: Laimonas Dom